About AWS

Australian Wildcatch Seafood™ (AWS) produces a range of superior quality seafood products using Australian wild caught fish. AWS aims to bring premium quality Australian seafood to Asia. All our products are fully certified and 100% sourced from pristine, sustainable, wild catch fisheries in Australian waters – no farmed fish. 

Our Story

Delivering premium quality, fully sustainable Australian fish to the world – that is our goal.

AWS shareholders include a significant Australian commercial fishing operation, which owns a major portion of the northern Australian fishing quota and operates a fleet of modern fishing boats. Fish are solely sourced from the pristine, sustainable fisheries of Northern Australia.

AWS are seeking key partners to distribute our product into the retail market in Asia. Australian Wildcatch Seafood’s strength is in its supply chain – delivering premium fresh fish, snap frozen. Fish are processed and packaged at sea, frozen in retail packaging within 8 hours of leaving the water – no frozen fish is fresher than that!

The middle class in Asia is forecast to grow from 500 million to 3 billion consumers and Australia is Asia’s clean, green food bowl. AWS are positioned to deliver a superior product to this market – a market increasingly demanding premium products that taste and look good, are healthy and sustainably sourced.  

Fishing Operations

AWS fish is supplied by its one of its major shareholders, which owns and operates a fleet of fishing vessels in the north of Australia. This fishing division has a fleet of large aluminium catamarans that utilise targeted trawl and trap fishing of selected species. High technology sonar equipment is used to ensure high yields of the right fish species with minimal bycatch. 

AWS is positioned to increase capacity in response to growing demand.  In addition to its fishing fleet, our fishing division owns a fleet of oil and gas vessels and a ship building facility. We have capacity to convert oil and gas vessels quickly and efficiently as well the build new fishing vessels. This flexibility coupled with the high fishing quota currently owned allows fish catch volumes to be increased significantly and quickly as needed. To increase the diversity of species caught, AWS is developing large scale trap fishing.

At AWS, we pride ourselves on producing the freshest, snap frozen fish product available. Once caught, fish are immediately sorted and chilled in an ice and water slurry, then cleaned and scaled. Depending upon fish size and species they are then processed into shelf-ready retail packaging and snap frozen onboard or iced down for sale in the domestic market. All fish processing is to Australian standards and complies with requirements of AQUIS for export.